• Secure, Reliable & Flexible – That’s Our Promise !

EV Charging Level 2  Intelligence portable ev charger !

Evse controller,3.6kw,7kw,11kw,22kw adjustable ev charger!
level 2 charger

Intelligent EVSE EV Charger

Going electric just got easier

Portable EVSE level 2 ev charger,the exterior design is simple, and the use of silver and black dual screen, make it look very fashionable. Be equipped with ev plug cable holder and box holder. At home, you can fixed on the wall, then the ev portable charger become to mini wallbox. You can take anyway when you have a trip.

ev charging station,wallbox

EV Charging station, 7kw – 11kw – 22kw smart wallbox

Secure, Reliable & Flexible – That’s Our Promise !

  • 3.5′ High definition Display

  • 7kw,9kw,11kw,22kw

  • Home Load balancing

  • App,Wifi,Bluetooth, Card

11kw ev charging station

The Intelligent Smart Wallbox

Home & Public EV Charing Station

The newest member of our best-selling charging family is looke more fashionable,Simpler,Smarter. Built and designed to withstand both ourtdoor and indoor use.

It is easy to install design to reduce installation time and costs. Timer function let you save money while you sleep.

EV Charger Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

ZENCAR have more than 10 years of experience in the EV charger, and we have well-established management systems and supply chain systems to ensure that we can meet the needs of our different customers. Customer satisfaction has always been our driving force..

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Zencar at least keep one new ev charger per year.