2003, 2023

Why is DC 6mA Used In AC EV Charger?

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What is RCD dc 6mA? 6mA DC RCM (Residual Current Monitor) is nothing new for professional electricians installing EV charging piles in Europe. The device is widely integrated into EV charging piles to detect smooth DC residual current. However, some people may ask why a DC RCM is used in an AC EV charger rather than in a DC [...]

1703, 2023

Which ev adaprter are available for my EV

March 17, 2023|Categories: Uncategorized|

EV charger adapters: which types are available for my EV? There are lots of EV charger adapters available today from a wide variety of suppliers. Unfortunately, they are necessary because there are a few different ev connectors used depending on the manufacturer and the power that is being supplied to the EV. How can i know which types [...]

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