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    Purchased the 10-30 Level 2 version as my garage already had the outlet. Mounted the holders plugged it in, plugged it in to my BMW i3 and it worked flawlessly. The units display gives you all the stats you need and is programmable. The main unit also has status lights to let you know everything is working properly.
    Very pleased with the ease of use and the amount of time I’m able to charge my EV.

    Jenny James


    Awesome EV charger, works very well for my Mustang Mach E. Simple to use, easy set up and even easier way to change the power output. It DOES NOT have wifi capabilities or an app, if that’s what you are looking for look elsewhere. However, it’s much cheaper then those main brands that cost $700+ but works just as well if not better! Overall I am very VERY pleased with this purchase.

    Matthew Mint


    El acabado del cargador es muy bueno y robusto. Gracias a los agujeros que tiene a ambos lados lo he dejado fijado a la pared con unos tornillos. Mediante las tarjetas NFC que se incluyen se puede regular la potencia con la que queremos cargar el vehículo. En mi caso, cargo el PHEV a 10A. Me ha gustado porque, en caso de tener una programación horaria de carga en el vehículo.

    Maria Marvel

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